left? I am left-handed. T? The name's Tina. design? Been doing it most of my life.

Graphic Designer, certified Pilates teacher, MeltMethod H&F certified instructor, Yoga Therapy Ball certified teacher, Level 2 certified Wisdom of the Earth Medicinal Aromatherapist—(I have a lot of interests)


(Still doing Graphic Design), and making beautiful semi-precious gemstone malas and bracelets!



My Mission: To bring my life experience, intuition, joys, hardships, and life’s ups & downs into perspective with generosity, support and hope for myself and others on their path... creating something really beautiful and wonderful as a companion along the way.

So was born my fascination, obsession, and love of all things pertaining to medicinal essential oils and gemstones. The practice of mala making has most definitely saved my sanity and given me a wonderful meditation practice that I will cherish forever.

I love the history and lore that go with both gemstones and essential oils. I love that they are ancient. Love that both will exist far after all else disappears. Love that the pure essences and gemstones are so willing and generous to us humans. Always willing to help and guide us—if we only ask. I have personally experienced the continued healing they both provide.

I immerse myself in the study and meaning of gemstones, researching where they come from and what wonderful gifts they impart to the beneficiary.

Things we can wear on our skin that give us Peace, as the lovely HOWLITE and the essence VALERIAN. 

Courage, bestowed from AQUAMARINE and the essence LAUREL LEAF. 

Love, ROSE QUARTZ, and the essence of pure ROSE. 

Happiness, CITRINE,and all the CITRUS essences.

There are countless stones and essences for every dilemma, condition, heartbreak and purpose. Such a gift.

Just like a best friend. Always ready to help. Always there. Beautiful Companions.

May you always find your peace,